After 30 years as a township Supervisor, it’s time for George Komolasky to resign his office. If he’s re-elected yet again he will be facing his 36th year in office before he can retire. He deserves more family time. Fame and fortune came his way since he took over the insurance business from his father-in-law. In 1985 he ran for supervisor. He wants’ six more years. To do what?
What’s George done in 30 years as supervisor? The last issue was putting sewers in the Traymore section and he botched that up something awful. The project was so contentious that one citizen was ticketed for disrupting the job after they screwed up his property and incited him to protest. George has never been a leader and he’s never made an exception.
He kept sewer plans so secret that the EPA was called into the township to explain why sewers were needed. They weren’t needed because the properties couldn’t no longer support on-lot-systems. They were needed because the State of Pennsylvania simply decided not to grant permission to replace an old septic tank. Nothing wrong, –they just decided; – which is how bad government operates. Force people, don’t persuade them. George stands firmly athwart that position.
Fees have secretly been raised to impossible levels. People are shocked when they are told how expensive a permit will be to repair their driveway or roof. George increased taxes on thousands of items during hie 30 years as supervisor. He just refused to call a fee increase a tax increase as though something different than money is used to pay for government permission to replace a faucet washer. The man is impossible.

Last year George had a bit of a medical issue. Of course that’s not a reason that he can’t run for office. Hopefully the condition has improved but the point is he should retire while he has time to enjoy the rest of his life. The medical condition could be called a wake-up call. George needs to wake up and smell some flowers. He’s been in the same office far too long and far past the time when he had fresh ideas about Northampton.
The last meeting he did a despicable thing. JD. Mullane called it “boneheaded”. JD wrote about Komo’s wrong vote about a war hero. Its possible George is still nursing his dream crash about dedicating the park to Army Pfc. Dombowski when George wanted his own name on it.
He needs time off. He needs time to retrospect about his life. With 30 years it’s certain some memorial in Northampton will be named after him. Another six years won’t make any difference. The last 30 didn’t.

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