Judge Napolitano said: “There are two other provisions in the law that the NSA relies on which will cause it to continue to spy on Americans even if section 215 of the PATRIOT Act does expire. One of those is a section of the FISA law called section 702, and one of them is a still-existing executive order signed by President George W. Bush in the fall or 2001, which has not been tinkered with, interfered with, or rescinded.

Government of the people, as Lincoln said is true but he got parts two and three wrong. It’s not “by the people” or “for the people”, it’s only of the people. That’s what all government’s have in common. When government tells you it’s protecting you, it’a lying. Government is about governing, not protecting. Protection is one of the excuses for government, not one of it’s purposes.

The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they split government into four branches in their attempt to control the enormous power of government which has the legal basis to kill you, all things being equal.

Government is force, not reason. Force is dangerous because it’s fatal. The police carry guns to protect themselves and to force others to do what they are told to do and it works pretty well. Forget this at your peril: “Government is neither reason nor eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.”

Government is spying on you. It’s nonsense to accept the idea that the spying is benign. It’s prohibited by the laws of America but what does that matter to your masters? Government want’s to know your actions and it must do that secretly otherwise you won’t do what they suspect you are doing. Government considers you guilty of something. The idea of innocent until proven guilty is a cruel farce. Government considers everyone guilty of something and that’s the way you are treated when they decide to target you.

Government is not your friend. It’s safer to consider it one of your enemies and act accordingly.

All this spying has convinced more people to hide from just about everyone because you never know how they will come after you. Look how they are coming after Edward Snowden because he broke the story about the secret spying, spying that’s still being denied.

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