Yes. Unambiguously, yes. Without their progeny the riots would not have been. Unwed teenagers who give birth provide the fodder for the drug wars, the homicides and the prisoners. Not exclusively, of course. Suburban children are also killed by drugs with one difference they are dead from use not by commerce. Drug dealers and their subjects often kill. Caught in the random crossfires are innocents who literally never had a chance. It’s not racist when a black inner-city child is shot in it’s skull by another inner-city child. It’s not the fault of the bullets but a failure of motherhood and fatherhood. Teenage parents themselves born in poverty are highly unlikely to produce the leaders of the culture.

A family, a legitimate family, one who follows the rules, the morals and the laws of the culture is unlikely to come from the inner-cities of America. Such is the observation of rule-keepers who also want stable borders. Keeps out rule-breakers. Rule followers detest rule breakers. It’s doubly unfair to hold some people to the rules, allow others to break them then pay the rule-breakers. Such issues nightmares make. That’s the passion of the leaders of Baltimore and the nation. The blame goes up to and includes the most divisive president in history who blames the police for arresting criminals. Baltimore, by design, is now learning the lesson of passive policing.

People make mistakes but government makes massive ones. Since Lyndon Johnson agreed to support the poor instead of helping businesses create jobs, the culture has coarsened. It could not be otherwise when some people are paid not to work. It incentivises riots but it’s part of the Agenda of The Left to reward poverty which continues it.

An unmarried teenage female is the Penthouse and Playboy fantasy. Feminists may object to the need for a live-in father but their fantasy fools them. They are part of the problem. The solution? Drive backward the 82% inner-city unwed birth rate. It can stop riots.

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