The Pope opposes Gay Marriage. So does the Religious Right yet the Laws of America are being changed to include Gay Marriage as a Right. The Pope will lose. Gay men will marry other gay men. Lesbian’s will marry lesbians.

Will gay marriage destroy marriage? Or will marriage continue? The anti-gay marriage side tells everyone marriage and the family as well as Western Values and America will be destroyed but just because gay people marry how will marriage be destroyed? Marriage is not ruined just because gay people get married. Marriage will be the same as before gays started doing it.

There’s a huge difference between marriage and gay marriage. That’s why three words are needed instead of one. Here’s the crucial point about gay marriage. It’s different because gays are different.

There are not so many of them. They make a big fuss and the fuss is reported until it seems larger than it is.

They are different than non-gay people. They think and act different about sex but not about everything else. On many things they agree with you.

Not only are gay people different about sex but many of them are different from each other. Don’t act surprised. Many non-gay people are different from other non-gay people about sex. The sex drive in gay and non-gay’s is not uniform over the category. Some men are obsessive about sex, others are almost unconcerned. Same for gays.

But marriage and gay marriage are either or issues. Either one is married or not.

Marriage and gay marriage are contracts. Contracts can be made and broken. It happens all the time, not just in marriage. Western civilization won’t be destroyed because gay people get married.

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