At the May 21 Council Rock School Board Meeting a “private citizen” addressed the board complaining about a phony Republican Ballot that was given to her on election day by the DUMP GRUPP Committee people. Was she correct? Was the ballot phony?

No. The Bucks County Republican Executive Committee publishes an “Official Republican Ballot” but that’s their idea of Official. Their ballot is certainly not the official Republican ballot that is on the voting machines.

The DUMPER’s published a “Real Republican ballot”. In America anyone can publish whatever they want to publish. It’s called many things, like “Freedom of the Press”; “Free Speech”: “Freedom of Expression”, all of which are highly protected by the Constitution.

Neither the Republican Party Insiders or the Democratic Party Insiders can stop anyone from publishing a “Real Ballot”. That’s what the DUMPER’s did and they were not only correct and right to publish what they wanted to publish, the government has a duty to protect their publication.

The “Real Republican Ballot” didn’t support the choice of GRUPP who the “private citizen” (who may have had a special interest in condemning the DUMPER’s) obviously supported Grupp, the guy who carried a loaded gun onto school property. The Private citizen also condemned Patti Sexton for doing what the private citizen was doing; viz., supporting her political choice.

Private citizens like her need to learn about the protections given to freedom by the government. the school board let her speak but she didn’t want to allow the Grupper’s the same thing. She should be ashamed of her ideas on the DUMP GRUPP campaign. Her ideas belong in a totalitarian dictatorship or a concentration camp and her loyalty to GRUPP is severely misplaced.

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