Watching DUMP GRUPP is like watching two idiots playing in the street. On one side, playing victim is Jerry Grupp who now spells his name Jery. On the other side, also playing victim are three Republican Insiders, School Director Patti Sexton, Donald George and ex-school director Bruce Stamm. One side, Jerry now Jery, is fighting to get elected yet again. The other side, the DUMPER’s want him to lose.

There are two additional victims here. The obvious one is Leslie Rothberg, a newcomer to Northampton politics who is actually running for School Board Director against Jerry now Jery. But the biggest victim is almost all of the voters in Region 5 who will be embarrassed by both Jerry now Jery and the DUMPER’s.

Leslie Rothberg the other candidate for school director is the only possible winner here. Everyone else loses if Jerry now Jery wins. He has the worst judgment and is backed by the (tongue in cheek) largest political crime family in Bucks. That would be often discredited Northampton Republican Committee. Both Jerry now Jery and the DUMPER’s are part of that family. The family is both opposing and backing Jerry now Jery.

DUMP GRUPP was frightened by Grupps Gun which he carried onto school property and which he now believes was stupid. That’s a gun carrier calling his gun carrying stupid. Go figure.
The purpose of Term Limits is to get the politicians to go home. Grupp doesn’t want to go home. By running for the fifth time he’s in opposition to Term Limits.
Grupp also voted to raise taxes 25% since he first came into office. He said the increases were not high enough. If he’s re-elected he will increase the already too high 125% even more.

It’s obvious that Jerry now Jery’s judgment is off. From his name change to his loaded gun to his inability to keep costs in line with declining enrolment to his tax increases he should do the right thing and go home.

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