Northampton Township is, unfortunately the home of the infamous Donald “Duc-Duc” George, who gets everything mixed up. A man known for nothing substantial, unless hate is included, he helped his reputation for extreme goofiness by helping another goofy pay for a “Real Republican” ballot, as though the real Republicans need a different ballot.

Duk Duk never tuns for anything but from things. He’s on the side of no one. No one want’s him on their side either. He’s orchestrating a DUMP GRUPP campaign but lying that it was only done in District 9. Nonsense, He put signs all over the three districts and didn’t do anything less anywhere in the region. They failed to DUMP GRUPP but why are they lying about it?

Grupp wasn’t “Dumped”. Dicky Duk failed again just like he fails and gets fired from job after job.

DUK-DUK was a made man inside the Northampton Republican Party and was made a director on the Sewer Board where his wrong decisions helped the party not appoint him again. But why did Duc-Duc turn on the Republican Party and run the DUMP GRUPP campaign? No one knows.

Patti Sexton who joined up with the yellow bill to DUMP GRUPP said on TV it’s because of Jerry’s gun. But most people consider Jerry’s gun a non-issue. The problem, however is not with Grupps gun or guns, it’s with his judgment.

DUMP GRUPP is only three people. Duc-Duc, Brucie Stamm and Patti Sexton. They say they only campaigned in District nine but Duc-Duc worked at Districts 14 and 16 all day. DUMP GRUPP signs were erected in Districts 9,14 and 16 proving they lied abut their efforts. In addition they are trying to cover up the fact that they made robo-calls to several thousand voters in their failed attempt to DUMP GRUPP.

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