Not really FOR free but FREE OF the state’s monopoly over the sale of alcoholic beverages. PA is one of  21 monopoly states in the U.S.. All states control and regulate the sale of alcohol to some degree. Only 21 states are monopoly states that prohibit the free trade of alcohol.

It’s fiction to believe alcohol causes bad things. It’s the abuse of alcohol that alters behaviors. Behaviors are the results of individual decisions.  The bad things caused by alcohol abuse have been, and always will be, the result of poor decisions made by individuals. Stupid or dangerous behavior is a consequence of a adolescent  and immature thinking. Every poor decision is the result of personal activity. When an individual fails to comprehend the possible consequences of his or her own actions it’s not the role of government to take the ability to decide. Government should work to add more products to the free market by staying out of commerce. Government should get out of the sale of liquor like 26 states and most countries have already.  Having the government in charge of the sale of alcohol isn’t going to control or change the abuse of alcohol.
The answers to controlling alcohol abuse are not available from govenrment. Government can control things by making drunkedness a crime, which it has done. Stopping the sale of alcohol by continuing to make it a crime attacks free trade. Of course, govenrment doesn not want free trade. Government wants to stick it’s tax and spend nose into every aspect of our life. Granting itself monopoly control of alcohol is another example of the improper government use of power. Making liquor free of the govenrment’s monopoly of it’s sale is wrong on many levels. Liquor, like people, should be free of government’s power.

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