It’s radically different this time. A School Board Race is about the schools and the children but not in one Council Rock Region where it really is about a person, viz., Jerry Grupp. It’s about the bad judgment shown by Grupp.

A School Director is supposed to decide the big issues of the schools. Most school issues are decided by the Superintendent. Most of those issues are helped by the Administrators. The school directors are at the very top of the decision pyramid. They need to have extremely good judgment but they usually picked by their popularity. Capability usually has very little to do with being elected to the school board. Unfortunate but true. That’s how Grupp won four elections. This time it’s different.

Three opponents against Grupp appeared on the scene four days before the election and tried to get him defeated. They failed. Grupp won the Republican election. He’s on the ballot. He shouldn’t be.

Grupp has lousy judgment. How do we know that? For one thing, he saw fit to take a loaded pistol onto school property. He did it several times and frightened some of the other school board members. Instead of respecting their feelings, he became belligerent and insisted on carrying his gun to the meetings. He may have had it on him at the polling place during the election. He has a “permit to carry” but he needs a permit to think. Both permits are optional. He has one, the permit to carry, but he’s lacking the permit to correctly assess a situation and make a right decision.

Here’s the deal with carrying pistols with bullets in them in public. It frightens lots of people. American culture has loads of respect for pistols. The police carry them in open view. People accept that because the police are well-known for knowing how and when to shoot at people. Grupp is not. Known for knowing how and when to shoot people.

Pistols make lots of noise when they’re fired. Pistols are purposely made to kill people or to quickly disable them. It’s serious when someone is shot. Maybe some people get used to hearing gunfire but not most people in Holland, the little section of Bucks County where Grupp carries his loaded pistol.

Why does he carry a pistol? No one except Grupp knows. Perhaps he”s frightened too. Maybe he’s been threatened. He probably feels safer with his loaded piston and in America it’s OK to carry one. But common sense should have informed Grupp he shouldn’t frighten people. — He did. –They told him. –He didn’t care. –He still carried his loaded piston into the school board meetings. –That’s proof of poor judgment. He doesn’t belong on the school board.

The voters have one more chance to get Grupp and his guns off the school board. His poor gun sense betrays his overall poor conclusions about what should be done. That’s the main reason people should not vote for Grupp. Poor sense is OK but it doesn’t beling on the school board where decisions that affect the lives of everyone in the Council Rock District. No one should vote for him again. But poor sense is not the only reason. He has poor financial sense.

Grupp has constantly approved tax increases. Perhaps he didn’t approve every one but while he’s been a school director taxes increased 25%. Even worse, fewer kids are in the schools. That’s wasteful but hey, why should Grupp care about spending other people’s money? Yes, he paid more taxes too but he forced everyone in the entire school district to pay more taxes. So his paying more taxes because of his favored programs forces every taxopayer in the Council Rock School System to pay more taxes.
People in Wrightstown, Newtown and other places have been forced to pay higher taxes because Grupp approved them. Those people were not able to tell Grupp to back off. Just like his stubbornness against keeping his gun under control, he couldn’t keep himself from increasing spending while enrollment declined. That’s worse than poor judgment, -it’s bad judgment. That’s why people should vote for Grupp’s opponent but there are even more reasons to vote against Grupp.

Over the years he’s been an outlier from the rest of the community. He lives rather modesty but on the school board he lives it up. He spends more money than Gene Epstein with the diference that Epstein, a successful businessman who spends his own money helping people, Grupp doesn’t have enough money to support the demands of his own family so he has forced the community to support him.
Here’s another reason to vote against Grupp. He’s supported by the political equivalent of a crime family. In Grupp’s region live some of worst examples of political criminals in the county. You can start with the Republican Committeeman who can’t control his own eating habits. The Republicans elected him as chairman many times. His wife is not a Republican. He can’t even control the voting decisions of his wife. Or, perhaps, which is more likely, she controls his political decisions as she did in a recent election case that illicitly was brought into Common Pleas Court in Doylestown because of her. She started the defense of a Judge of Elections who moved out of the district so he was no longer qualified to be a Judge of Elections. The Crime Family led by the Bucks Republicans joined with the Committeeman’s wife from the Democrat party and went into court where a corrupt judge made it blindingly obvious how corrupt the system in Bucks County is.

Grupp is a player in a dystopian school region where the voters have little idea how corrupt the local Crime Family really is. They even forged an Official Republican Ballot in their mis-guided efforts to get Grupp re-elected. These are neither normal nor good people. developing, …….

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