No one. It was a virtual tie. The Democrat’s and the Republicans tied each other in the number of votes. Unfortunately, the Democrats won on the Democrat side. Same for the Republicans but as we know neither party has a clue to slow down the school tax increases. In a campaign to remove Grupp his opponents revealed his constant 16 year tax increase program which was never high enough for Grupp. He increased school real estate taxes a full 25% from when he started. Grupp also supports more school buildings even though enrollment has declined and is forecast to decline further.

It takes a special kind of warped intellect to draw conclusions like: “spend more when less is needed” but the Gruppster thinks that way. Meanwhile, “DUMP GRUPP” is thinking up round two. They have until November to get it right. Grupp has to go and he has to be replaced by our only option, Leslie Rothberg.

C’mon Leslie. Get Busy.

BTW, Leslie is a Democrat. Unfortunately, there’s no third choice so get behind Leslie. Raise some money for her. Have some coffee or tea meetings at your home and invite her.

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