Did it work? The campaign to oust 16 year Republican School Director was rather through. It was run by three people, Patti Sexton, Bruce Stamm, both of whom had experience on the Council Rock School Board and Don George who was appointed to the Northampton Sewage Board where he served without distinction. Patti Vacarro-Sexton is the wife of retired Centennial School Administrator Thomas Sexton, a Philly boy from, we believe, Miriam Road near Oxford Circle.

Long story short: “DUMP GRUPP campaign signs showed up about 5 days before the election. Robo-calls were made from Sexton and George listing 7 rather pointed reasons why Grupp should not be elected as well as additional negative comments. The anti-Grupp people were at the polls telling voters not to vote for Grupp.

A total of 643 votes were cast. Grupp received 321. His opponent received 322. Looks like the DUMP GRUPP campaign was a success but Grupp received 50 more Republican votes so he will be on the Republican ballot again in November.

On the Democrat side, Grupp received only 40% of the votes. lost by 51 votes. On the Republican side, Grupp won by 50 votes.

But 384 Republicans voted which is what saved Grupp. Only 259 Democrats voted. Even though Grupp received one vote less than his opponent, he’s still on the ballot.

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