Northampton township is the last place one would expect a vicious campaign for School Board, especially one aimed against a 16 year school director but that’s what’s going on. Late last week in the dying moments of the Primary Election a few vivid campaign signs that read: “DUMP GRUPP” appeared along some of the two lane roads in three small election districts.

Who is Grupp?

He’s been on the political scene since winning the Democrat Primary sixteen years ago. He is a registered Republican but lost the Republican primary. Council Rock school board candidates can file on both the Republican and Democratic Primary Election ballots so even though Grupp was a registered Republican he was on the Democratic ballot too where he won and in the fall election he received the most total votes so he became a Council Rock School Director where he didn’t get much attention from the local politicians. That just changed big time.

Last year he brought a pistol onto school property, perhaps more than once. He seems to have brought his pistol into the board meeting room. He had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Why did he feel he needed his pistol in a school board meeting?

The gun was objected to by several school board directors. They took their objection to the streets and put up “DUMP GRUPP” signs around Region 5. They took to the telephones with a message to vote against Grupp. They seem to have put up less than ten “DUMP GRUPP” signs. Cost? Maybe $50. If the signs work it will be one of the cheapest winning campaigns ever.

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