He’s forcing people to work and pay for others. It’s called a welfare state. The welfare state punishes the productive in Ferguson and forces them to pay for the non-productive in Ferguson who burn up businesses because they listened to Obama and Michelle tell them they are victims who should retaliate against the productive people. That’s how bad Obama has been for the productive blacks of Ferguson.

The welfare and entitlement state rewards mooching and actually entrenches mooching as a way of life. Ferguson is a great example of the failure of the welfare state, the failure of Socialism and the empowerment of the mooches.

What’s the answer? Capitalism. Capitalism creates wealth. Only capitalism creates wealth. It creates “Bling”. Capitalism creates the warmth (or coolness) of our homes; the comfort or even luxury of our clothing; our means of transportation; our medical care; our groceries; and every other good thing we need to live and thrive. Obama hates that. He’s told us he wants to spend our personal wealth. That’s callous and cold-hearted. that’s the world Obama wants for America.

He needs to retire. He needs to be told stop taking our wealth. It makes poor people. He’s really cold-hearted.

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