Michelle told the 100% black graduating students at Tuskegee University about being a minority who has trouble because of her black skin color. What about the white minorities in Ferguson, South Central LA, Detroit, Philly and all of the other places where black people are the majority? How do the black skinned people treat people of different skin color when they, the black people are the majority?

It isn’t Michelle’s fault she’s black but it’s not the fault of white people that they are white. It almost seems Michelle resents being black. Otherwise why, at this late point in her life is her world so much about her skin color? And why is her world so much about the skin color of people whose skin color is different than hers?

Ever been forced to hide inside your own home while marauding gangs take over the streets? A different hued person without a means to defend themselves from violence must hide from criminals especially when they have the wrong skin color and Michelle cannot relate to that because of her wrong-headed race ideas. The students of Tuskegee learned the wrong lesson from the First Lady at their commencement address while she painted a false picture of the world to them.

Minorities are not limited to black people in white majority places. Michelle needs to get out in the world a bit more to learn the plight of non-black minorities. She would deepen her ideas about race if it were possible to broaden her experiences in the minority communities where black people are not the minority. She would learn how it feels to be unjustly treated by black people. Her ideas would be revised about making non-black people the victims instead of lamenting her experiences as a person treated with favor because of laws that wrongly support people because of their color. Princeton University treated her different because they befitted from her black skinned acceptance in a place that overwhelmed her. Princeton gave her a purposely stunted message about race. She took that wrong set if ideas and amplified it. She mislead the Tuskegee graduates with her nonsensical story about being stopped by the police because she was black but ha ha, the mis-message is on her.

Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama Has “A Giant Chip On [Her] Shoulder,” Perhaps Because People Don’t “Fawn Enough” Over Her. During the May 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh claimed that Michelle Obama was “doubling down” on “playing the race card,” saying she has “a giant chip on [her] shoulder” that’s “getting worse.” Limbaugh later claimed that Obama is “even angrier” than President Obama and suggested that maybe she “just thought” she’s been treated poorly because people “didn’t fawn enough” concluding that this is all “continuing to roil the culture, rile up people who ought to have a different approach being made to them.” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 5/11/15]

Ingraham: First Lady Recited “A Litany Of Victimization.” During the May 11 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group’s The Laura Ingraham Show, Ingraham mocked Obama’s comments, saying she was just “angry”:

INGRAHAM: Race certainly kept her out of the wonderful Chicago whiteshoe law firm known as Sidley & Austin. The woman has struggled.


Now was that experience frustrating when you didn’t get into all the Ivys when you applied? Or was it frustrating when you got your first acceptance letter from Princeton? I mean, when exactly was it frustrating?


I don’t believe that story, never did. A lot of people are raising questions about that very convenient anecdote at Target, that she only mentioned, I believe, when she was on Letterman and People Magazine had written about this. But there’s lots of questions. I went back and looked at the way she was dressed when she went into Target about two years ago now. No one would have mistaken her for a clerk. She was wearing a floral print button-down shirt with a yellow t-shirt underneath with a baseball cap. Since when do the employees at Target wear any of that? That just wasn’t true. But this is the First Lady of the United States who has reached the pinnacle of success in our country, her husband has, and this was a litany of victimization which is exactly what we want young African-American graduates of a terrific university to take away with. [Courtside Entertainment Group, The Laura Ingraham Show, 5/11/15]

Sean Hannity: Speech Revealed A “Deep Rooted Anger,” “Bitterness,” And “Lack Of Appreciation” By The First Lady. After playing a compilation of speeches made by Michelle Obama during the May 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show, Hannity claimed that Obama’s recent speech is “a culmination of anger, deep rooted anger, that has built up in Michelle Obama.” Hannity went on, “It’s kind of sad. There’s a bitterness here to the whole experience of being first lady, a lack of appreciation for the opportunities that they’ve had.” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show, 5/11/15]

Fox News Contributor: Obama’s Commencement Speech Was “Very Divisive” Because Of Its “Race Baiting.” On the May 11 edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Fox contributor Deneen Borelli called the speech by Obama “a wasted opportunity.” She went on to assert that Obama was “being very divisive” and accused the first lady of “race baiting.” [Fox News, America’s Newsroom, 5/11/15].
Breitbart.com: Michelle Obama Complained During Commencement Speech. In a May 11 post, Breitbart.com claimed the First Lady complained during her remarks and “accused the media of giving her unique attention”:

With less than two years left in the White House, Michelle Obama is taking time to respond to her critics, accusing them of treating her differently because she is the first African-American First Lady.

She made her remarks during a commencement speech at Tuskegee University over the weekend, comparing her experience as the wife of the first African-American president to the experiences of historical civil-rights leaders.

The First Lady recalled her experience on the campaign trail, accusing the media of giving her unique attention thanks to the “fears and misperceptions of others” who questioned whether she was “too loud, or too angry, or too emasculating.”

She alluded to Fox News personalities discussing her “terrorist fist jab” and referring to her on-screen as “Obama’s baby mama” as well as Rush Limbaugh suggesting that she had “a little bit of uppityism” thanks to her nanny state food polices. [Breitbart.com, 5/11/15]

Michelle needs to travel to Harare in the former Rhodesia, not Zimbabwe to witness the murders of all the white farmers because they were white. She needs to get to Eastern South Africa where her race-based rulers are inert letting the white farmers be murdered there too where she would perhaps get the correct perspective to talk about race-based oppression in the proper way. She didn’t because she couldn’t .

First Lady Michelle Obama wasted a great opportunity to rise above her narrow, limited personal experiences. She purposely, wrongly played the race card instead of telling the Tuskegee graduates the truth. She went into victim mode and recited the standard but wrong “litany of victimization”. Perhaps she never will get it right about race. She failed at Tuskegee. She is a traitor to her race and the races of the other Americans. So is her husband and statistically, historically they will continue to believe against the evidence that Americans love people. Hopefully, someday, she’ll come home to the real America.

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