Cuba is a military pipsqueak, no threat even to organized crime in Havana. The disintegration of the Soviet bloc in 1989 triggered a profound deterioration of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), transforming the institution from one of the most active militaries in the Third World into a stay-at-home force that has minimal conventional fighting ability. Sanctions and Communism turned a once prosperous nation into a basket case with 75 year old cars and lousy medical care. The Castro’s are so weak that it’s now safe for the Pope to ride around in his little Pope-mobile to say mass there.

There’s actually more danger to the Cuban government from the Cuban people and especially the Cuban exiles who want to return and depose both Communism and the Castro’s.

Hooray for America and the free world who can now visit Cuba for great bargains. The Cuban economy needs tourists for their money.

P.S. For a really great deal on some classic cars visit Cuba. Cars from the 1940’s had to be kept running because of the lousy economics of Communism. Those cars are a boon to American car collectors. Jay Leno will probably buy a couple hundred.

Cuba has two currencies. the Cuban Peso is worth about 4 cents so a beautiful 1957 Ford Fairlane in about 15,000 peso’s which is about $500 bucks American. How do you get it home? On a ship. Call a steamship company and next thing you know it’s at the Port of Philadelphia where you pay the charges, register it and start driving a classic.

What about Cuban cigars? $5 to $10 each but make sure the tobacco is Cuban, not imported and merely rolled in Cuba.

Pack about 20 pairs of used Levi and Wrangler jeans. You can pay for the airfare when you sell the jeans.

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