Garland, Texas.
This sounds like the Soviet Union where the police worked to protect government officials but not private citizens. Two “ISIS in America” attackers with machine guns attacked a private art show in Texas. The FBI had credible information about ISIS three or more hours before the attack but was apparently ordered to stand back by the Obama administration. Private security shot and killed the ISIS soldiers.

Just like Benghazi where the failure of the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton botched security and failed to respond to an attack by Moslems caused the murder of American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three additional Americans during a 12 hour attack that went from the American compound to buildings eight blocks away. What is it about the courage of Obama that gives known Moslem agents the ability to attack and murder Americans?

The killing of Moslem agents in Garland, Texas forced the Obama FBI to announce they knew about the attack three hours or more before the shooting began but purposely failed to notify the private security guards protecting the event.

CNN reported the Moslem attackers, Moslem’s like those who murdered the innocent people at the January massacre at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine and a February incident at a Copenhagen, Denmark, forum attended by Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. What’s wrong with the Obama adminstration that has been so inept that Moslem terrorists attack the American Embassy in Benghazi and an art exhibit in Garland, Texas?

The keynote speaker at the art event, Geert Wilders is a Dutch citizen visiting America who has been targeted by AlQuada who has studied the Moslem Terrorists and who seeks to inform people about the danger they face from the Moslem Terrorists. Obama should listen to Mr. Wilders and learn about America’s enemy in the Middle East, an enemy who is getting more entrenched in America, an enemy well known and well protected in many instances by President Obama who knows and has given their “Gang Salute”.

The potential of a Moslem attack was why the Garland event organizers paid for private armed protection at the convention center, which the Texas city’s school district operates. The event’s organizers paid $10,000 for beefed-up security because the local FBI, CIA and Homeland Security purposely were ordered to stand down, just like Baltimore’s Mayor did during the recent riots. Why can’t certain members of government, often identifiable by their race, protect Americans? If they can protect them why don’t they?

“Garland private security work at the convention center all the time” a spokesman for the event told CNN; -because the police refuse to or cannot protect it.

The two ISIS Terrorists had six guns. They started shooting at security reported CNN. One private security guard who would later be praised as a hero, was parked in a patrol car in front of the first entrance, watching from the east, off Naaman Forest Boulevard into the center’s parking lot. An unarmed privately hired Garland school district security officer also sat in the car ostensibly to check the identification of those coming in. The ISIS attackers saw them and began firing. The private security guard with his personal pistol, a Glock .45 caliber shot and killed both ISIS gunmen.

Zach Horn, a lawyer for the private security guards involved, said that if it weren’t for their actions, “we’d be hearing a different kind of story.”

“They faced death head-on,” Horn said. “And, with incredible skill and bravery, (they) were able to save a lot of people.”

The question remains why the Obama administration, the FBI, Homeland Security and the Garland Police failed to protect the event from the known ISIS attack? Whose side is he on?

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