One of the non-issues is always “RACE”. Many Americans are no longer only one race. President Obama is bi-racial but of course that’s an irrelevant attribute. Yes, his skin color and some other characteristics as well as his self-identity, yes, he identified himself as black. He didn’t have to but he did. It was his considered choice. That’s clear from his book when he wrote he stopped referring to the white race of his mother.

Race or Skin Color is accepted as a stereotype for white people. the narrative goes something like: “White people are racists. Watch out for white policeman’s. That anti-white sterotype is so ingrained in the culture at large as well as within the black culture that black children are given it as “The Talk”. It’s designed to help protect black children and young adults when they encounter white people. They are never to talk back to a police man. They are told to do as they’re told when a police man orders them to do something. the idea is to protect them from racist cops.

The black mom’s should start at the beginning. Pick your friends carefully. If you make mistakes and hang with the bad-asses and gang-bangers you are certain to break the law and draw attention to yourself. It’s called: “being a suspect”.

The Talk says black people are always suspected by the police because they are black. White people on the other hand are suspects because they are criminals.

Why do black mothers need to give “The Talk” to their children? To keep them safe. They are concerned about the police. They need to be more concerned about the company kept by the child’s friends but instead they warn their children not about the criminal friends but the innocent cops.

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