The recent Riots in Ferguson and Baltimore are caused not by police but by Criminals who want to avoid arrest. Being black is not a prophylactic against arrest. Being a criminal is supposed to lead to being arrested.

Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young (Democrat) praised the fine young rioting men from the city’s underappreciated organized crime sector.

Check out what the City Council President said: “Politicians, church leaders, and gangs must unite to shut down the violence plaguing the city. He continued: “These men have been out on the street quelling the senseless violence that has consumed our society.”

A law-abiding gang is a contradiction in terms. Gang members are criminals by their nature and by definition.

But not in Baltimore, not in Ferguson, The White House or the Attorney Generals office. Black people are arrested goes the false narrative of the Left, because white people oppress black people. Black criminals in jail for breaking into stores, looting them then burning them to the ground are victims of an oppressive system controlled by white people, at least those are the President Obama and the Al Sharpton messages.

And Young is not the only cognitively dissonant left-winger out there saying first, that there is no excuse for rioting and then, second, saying actually, there really is an excuse for rioting.

Obama blamed the police, not the rioters. “This is a slow-rolling crisis,” he said. “This has been going on for a long time. This is not new and we shouldn’t pretend it’s new.”

Obama’s wrong. Massively wrong. Philosophically wrong. Ethically wrong. Sharpton’s wrong and the President of Baltimore’s City Council is wrong. These adult men are biased against white people. Obama and Holder are pro-black with out reservation. Sharpton especially has a history of confabulation but the President also has problems with the issue of white people. They shouldn’t. Elite people are mostly indifferent towards black people because white people are mostly indifferent towards the entire issue of race.

Left-wingers believe that rioting and looting for the right reasons are legitimate forms of political protest that are protected by the First Amendment. Ditto for physical force and intimidation so long as they are in pursuit of leftist goals.

This depravity is part and parcel of the Left. Radicals like the late Saul Alinsky (admired by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) and the Trotskyist dowager Frances Fox Piven (admired by Bill Clinton) favored using violence for progressive ends.

Alinsky was a gangster groupie. He became friends with Frank Nitti of the Al Capone crime gang and tried to help the gang by advising on best business practices.

Black people get arrested for committing crimes more than white, Asian or Hispanic people because black people have a set of wrong ideas about Ethics. The simple fact is the police are human. Human’s are perceptive and have memories. They see crimes and they see the criminals who commit them. They can combine those observations when they see people and sort them into innocent or guilty groups. If a black man robs a CVS, the police will search among black people for a person who matches the description of the suspect.

If no one in Baltimore committed crimes, Freddie Grey would be alive today.Freddie grey was a criminal who did not deserve to die. Was he murdered? Yes, based on the evidence. That’s the way it is for the police. No crimes, no criminals. No criminals, no arrests. Pretty simple really.

Crime can’t be stopped but the criminals who commit crimes can be stopped from committing more crimes by arrest, prosecution and incarceration. Freddie Grey dies while in police custody. If it was murder, the individuals who committed the murder must be identified and prosecuted.

There is very little expectation that the murders within the police department, given that the death of Freddie Grey was murder or even manslaughter, will be prosecuted.

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