About 5,000 rioters joined the riots but 617,000 potential rioters in Baltimore stayed home. Those are the kind of rioters to have. Law abiding, non-drug-users and like Toya Graham, who went into riot-mode against her teenage son when she found him with a rock in his hand. He dropped the rock after she whacked him a few times and joined the good rioters of Baltimore. His photo is on the internet. Toya Graham can be proud of him. She’s a single mom who is raising six children. She’s doing everything right.

Well, OK, things would be better for Toya if there was a father in her home but there isn’t so Toya’s doing it herself. good for her, bad on the men in her life for not being there for her six children.

All the more reason to celebrate people like Toya and her son who went home with her after getting smacked up. Celebrate the 617,000 Baltimorians who went about their lives the right way during the riots. Th mayor of Baltimore should have thanked the 617,000 for doing the right things. In a community hard-up for Hero’s Toya Graham is one of the biggest who did more to make the so-called rioters look like a bunch of high-schoolers, which most of them were.

What about Freddie Gray? Looks like one or more of the cops pushed a knee into his back and cracked his spine. Seven days later he’s dead. Now we need the hero’s in the police department to find out what happened and report what happened and if necessary prosecute the people who perpetrated the death of Freddie Gray.

Without the riots in Baltimore that wouldn’t happen. In that sense, not in the sense of the stealing and arson caused by a few criminals, the demonstrations in Baltimore and now those that are going on in other places are needed. It’s too bad that the system sometimes fails, like it failed for Freddie Gray. It went horribly wrong and the police need to step up and clear this up, not engage in a cover-up. It’s a lot less frequent than the media spin machines report so this is a great example of the back up system of America working to get the truth. Let’s keep up the good rioting aka Moms like Tory Graham and the Demonstrations. Lets make sure the demonstrations don’t degenerate into arson and looting. We don’t need that.

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