Based on information from last evening’s Republican meeting the two Northampton Supervisors are incapable of representing the people. They don’t seem to grasp the idea of a community. In fact the overall impression of the Republican Committee is that the two remaining GOP supervisors will continue to attack those who have a different  set of  ideas. Last evening the people were called names but none of the issues that the people complained about were addressed, let alone acknowledged.  They cannot answer the charges made against the 3 GOP supervisors which is why the people voted out the entire GOP in Northampton on November 8th, 2011. No wonder, The GOP reigned over the citizens like despots who did whatever they pleased. They gave lucrative contracts to friends and contributors and forced the rest of Northampton to pay for their folly. The list of transgressions is long.  The $1.8 million dollar give-a-away to Toll brothers. The $10,000 tapping fee for the people of the West End compared to the $2,500 tapping fee charged to everyone else. The failure to investigate the poison in the water.  The overcharges for sewer service for people who have private wells. Charging the people of Northampton for the sewers p[ut in the College park section, as well as many other charges made to the public over the years for benefits to connected people and neighborhoods. The constant sneering attitude at the Supervisor Meetings. Unfortunately they seem to have learned nothing from the defeat of the GOP in Northampton and seem determined to keep doing the very wrong things that resulted in their losing Northampton.

One smartelec called this website bizzare but was unable to recall a single thing he read here. He claimed to have designed websites but didn’t seem to grasp simple ideas so his claims are probably false.  

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