Unfortunately for America and the free world, Obama is supporting some of the enemies of America and abandoning the friends of America. Consider:

1. Obama has removed sanctions from Iran and now Iran’s economy is growing. It’s called “Strengthening the Enemy”. It’s the epistemology of traitors.

2. Saudi Arabia is opposing Iran in Yemen.

3. Obama Opposes Israel.

Obama is an enemy of Israel

4. Iran sends warships to Yemen.

5. Obama sends an Aircraft Carrier to Yemen and announces he intends to do nothing with it.

It appears Obama is secretly supporting Iran against America.

6. Putin sold Advanced Interceptor Missiles to Iran.

7. Obama supported Putin to defend, — (get ready),– IRAN!

Obama is actively supporting Iran against America.

8. Obama offered Iran $30 Billion to sign an agreement for Iran to become Nuclear in ten or less years.

Obama is supporting Iran against America.

9. Obama is helping Iran in Iraq and Syria.

10. Obama is attacking Republicans instead of attacking Iran and the ruling Ayatollah’s in Iran.

Obama insists Republicans should stop criticizing his arms agreement with Iran, and start suggesting on how to improve it. How do you improve upon the fatally flawed?

Obama believes his analysis of and conclusions about totalitarian rulers, rulers who cannot be trusted, must be agreed to by Republicans. He’s not getting the agreement of the Republicans so he’s mad as hell.

Obama and the ayatollahs of Iran are clearly in the same support group. They prefer no dissension among their constituents. They have a surprising number of things in common, among them the support of Iran’s Right to a thermonuclear arsenal.

Obama is the enemy of America. He may as well stop wearing an American Flag Pin in his lapel and start wearing a a black and white Muslim Kuffiyeh headscarf like Yasser Arafat.

America will survive the most traitorous President, possibly the most traitorous man, who should resign from office because he proves day after day he is against America. Dissent is one thing, sabotage is quite another. He needs psychological treatment. We need someone else in the lead. That’s why November 2016, unfortunately still 18 months away will be immensely important not only for America but for the civilized world. It can’t come soon enough.

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