Diane Sawyer interviewed Gold Medal Olympic Decathlon winner Bruce Jenner. You couldn’t see his world class heart, full of so much love for his three ex-wives his six children and four step children. At age 65, Bruce is off to have Sex Re-assignment Surgery. He believes he is a woman in a man’s body so he’s changing that. Don’t snicker, he’s the real deal.

In the transparent interview, Bruce tried to show what his life has been like as a women in a man’s body. No doubt he’s a man. He has six children to prove it. No doubt he’s a woman, the interview proved that.

It’s painful to watch as stereotypes are shattered. It’s painful to realize Jenner has been in a state of mental anguish for perhaps 60 years. He’s led an outstanding, adventurous life that is the envy of lots of men. He loved three beautiful women. He’s crazy about his six children and four step-children. How one asks, can a man have six children while he believes and feels like a woman?

The answer is elusive, probably because no one has explained it; probably because no one can. Jenner can describe his feelings but science is inadequate to explain why a man feels like a woman. It’s clear Jenner isn’t fooling around. He believes he’s a woman. He’s on female hormones. He’s on his way to surgery to change what he was dealt by nature.

How could nature get things so different than “normal”? No one knows. It’s convenient to just blame the DNA because DNA is destiny but that’s no answer to what happened here.

Jenner has enough money to try to fix what he’s been going through for 65 years. He promised to return with Diane Sawyer a year from now for another interview. Meanwhile, he needs his privacy so the paparazzi should back off. Everyone else will wish him well. He should have peace.

Jenner proved he’s a champion. He has the character, drive and love of a hero. Most people might deny him that status but he deserves it because of his prowess in sports and his loving heart. At 65 years he’s entitled to peace. Here’s hoping the surgery and the hormones will provide it.

We saw the end of Bruce Jenner. He’s going even though he’s been headed away from us for quite awhile. Good night, dear heart, good night.

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