There are only three things that need to be set to take a photograph. The Shutter Speed. the Focus and the Opening, (F/stop). With a wide-angle lens, focus usually doesn’t have to be set. That leaves the f/stop and the shutter speed to be set. Why is a digital camera so hard to operate?

It’s not really a camera. It’s a computer. The camera is secondary to the programming. Learning the computer is difficult, the difficulty increasing as the camera gets more expensive. The owners manual for a Nikon D800 is 446 pages. Using the full potential is harder than using the camera. For those who want things easy and fast, set the camera to “Automatic” and your good to go but you would be missing out on the benefits of the camera.

It’s worth buying a better camera even if you don’t want to learn about the additional features. The camera in “Automatic” will take great pictures. Learning the lessons in the 446 page manual will lead not only to better photographs, it will provide spectacular ones.

Don’t think, however that you won’t need a professional photographer. In addition to knowing all about the computer inside the camera, the pro will have more cameras, a bunch of lenses and the knowledge and ability to get more spectacular photographs, the pro has the skills that are so special that not many people can get themselves to the pro level. Want some examples?

Millionairess Chelsea Clinton is on the cover of ELLE magazine. She’s so glamorous she’s almost unrecognizable. That bit of prestidigitation took far more than a professional camera and a professional photographer. It shows how a photograph can be severely manipulated during the photo session and afterwards in the lab. The camera’s used to produce the photographs in the high end fashion magazines are far more expensive than a Nikon D810 but the results are easy to see. Just look through the pages paying attention to the photographs of the perfume ads to see what a difference the professional cameras and the professional photographers make but it also takes a team of people to pull off a magazine cover for ELLE.

Bottom line is the better camera’s are well worth the money. Do you need them to get spectacular photographs? Yes, but there’s no other way.

A Chevey and a Rolls have four wheels but are worlds apart. When it comes to camera’s you don’t have to buy a Hasselblad H5D-50c Multi-Shot Medium Format DSLR Camera Body for $36,000. You’ll have to if you want to shoot covers for ELLE but if you spend $3,000 on a Nikon D810, which is perhaps the best of that size camera you will be ecstatic with the results, even if you shoot in Automatic.

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