The Left hates this movie. It shows some of the craziness of a Communist culture.

Brilliant acting. The protagonist played by Tom Hardy does a great job equally matched by Noomi Repace who owns the screen after her brilliant portrayal of “Lizbeth Salander” in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. These are “A” List players, always in the foreground of an excellent story that shows some of the complete irrationality of Soviet Russia.

It’s Banned In Russia. Of course. That proves how authentic it is but for any student of the Soviet Union nothing can go too far into the dark evil world of a system based on the inhuman values of Communism. Communism, remember murdered 100 million in the 20th century. (See “the Black Book Of Communism”; “The Venona Transcripts” “Spies: about the KGB in America, etc., etc., etc.)

“Child’s” plot is complicated by the poisoned culture of the Soviet Union which murdered as a way to keep order. It’s a dark, dirty movie, literally, complicated by the sudden government violence that’s always there. No one’s safe. 44 children are murdered. The Soviets are in denial. Their system must be perfect. Murder doesn’t exist which leads to an unspoken terror of disappeared citizens and tortured victims of the police in an inhuman police state.

It takes a lot of thought to portray three movies in one. Child succeeds in doing that. The story of the murdered children weaves itself within the murderous culture of socialism for the greater good. Finally, it’s a love story.

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