The conditions that caused the Holocaust are still around. The hatred of the Jews because they are Jews; the anti-Semitism that’s been ramping up and the human desire to eliminate threats combine in a perverse way to keep the murder of Jews going. How often does this inhumane set of circumstances have to happen before the people get it? Step back and witness the additional hatred that’s been ginned up by President Obama who has a multitude of hates. He hates Great Britain; he returned a sculpture of Churchill to England. He hates America. He has plenty of reasons, not one of them true, to hate not only America but Europe and Europeans who are of a different skin color than himself. He hates the police. He hates the conditions under which people of one of his own races, black exist. Be blames that on outside agencies and people of a different color. He’s wrong but he has power and people to enforce that power so it’s gotten worse for most Americans and lately for the police.

Obama’s Snowden moment when he revealed secret documents about Israel have done some of their work. Israel is certainly in more danger since Obama became President. He’s negotiated a way for Iran to go nuclear. The Senate may hold that up but he’s busy working around implementing his removal of sanctions against Iran against the votes of the majority of the Senate which is responsible to check his power to make agreements with other nations.
During the Holocaust many people who should have done something, at least they should have protested, did nothing. At least the media should have reported on the millions of murders that were going on in 14,500 concentration camps, at minimum the media should not have covered it up.

The cover-up continues despite heroic efforts of some people to continue to tell the story. Losing the history of the causes of the Holocaust provides a greased exit ramp for people who deny the Holocaust happened. the unfortunate result is the inability to connect the actions of Obama to the causes of the Holocaust. If he continues to promote some people but continues to ignore others, he’s wrong. He supports the people of Ferguson. Fine. But he shouldn’t blame the police for arresting the criminals. That’s how the holocaust happened. That’s why it can happen again. Voting doesn’t cure evil. Voting didn’t stop the Holocaust. In fact people voted really evil people into power. Fortunately America limited the term in office to control despots but they can be despotic while in office.

What’s to be done? At least speak out. You can do that. Maybe words alone couldn’t have stopped the Holocaust but that doesn’t condemn words. Love for one’s enemies is foolish. They need to know how despicable they are. Use your words to stand up for the good.

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