What caused the holocaust? Some say it was the Germans but it wasn’t exclusively the Germans. Every nation was complicit. America didn’t stop it when it was a small movement. Neither did the other nations. Neither did the people of Germany but neither did the people of Lithuania. Why pick Lithuania? Because the Lithuanians were like the rest of the people who knew of it and did nothing to stop it. That’s just about the entire world.

PBS just aired two Holocaust films. One was about the breakout of people at the Sobibor concentration camp. 600 were there. 300 escaped but were murdered within hours of their escape and about 50 survived. The other was “Memories Of The Camps”. It begins with the result of the March 1933 election where 17,264,296 people voted for the NAZI’s. They built 42,500 concentration camps and ghettos. They built industrial sized gas chambers and cremation ovens. Why? What caused an advanced nation to murder Jews on such a huge scale? The superficial answer is a hatred of Jews but why? Some say the Christian religion caused the hatred but why? Christianity as both Christianity and as a religion does not teach the hatred of Jews. The message of Christianity is held to be a message of love. Is that a wrong attribution?

Christians often note that Christ was a Jew. But there’s John the Baptist who changed Jesus from a Jew to an ex-Jew. Jesus wasn’t exactly tried. He was reviewed by the Sanhedrin, a Jewish judicial body. the Jewish elders asked the Ruler to condemn Jesus. Why? Maybe they were worried because Jesus was talking about things that worried the Jewish elders. Whatever their reasons, Jesus was murdered. The government didn’t do it but the government didn’t stop it either. Just as the world didn’t stop the holocaust.

The evidence of history in “Memories of the Camps” won’t go away. the evidence, the massive amount of evidence at the Holocaust museum in Washington, DC won’t go away either but the memories in the population at large of the anti-human behavior is mostly non-existent at this point. That’s an atrocity too.

The question remains: How could the Holocaust have happened? Is the resurgence of anti-Semitism in the Middle East related to the Holocaust. It sure seems like it. Is the anti-Semitism in Europe and America related to the causes of the Holocaust? that seems undeniable because hate is a human conclusion about the hated. That needs to be understood to understand the causes of the Holocaust. If the causes of the Holocaust, the caused that motivated the Germans to murder the Jews have been posited as five.

From the book “Hitler’s Willing Executioners”; the first explanation (namely coercion) says that the killers could not say “no.”
The second explanation (obedience) and
the third (situational pressure) maintain that Germans were psychologically incapable of saying “no.”
The fourth explanation (self-interest) contends that Germans had sufficient personal incentives to kill in order not to want to say “no.”
The fifth explanation (bureaucratic myopia) claims that it never even occurred to the perpetrators that they were engaged in an activity that might make them responsible for saying “no.”

Those causes are still around. A useful comparison can be made between the Germans, both average and NAZI from 1930 to 1945 and organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida and ISIS. An understanding of the forces that actuate ghastly evil within people, that are sufficient to murder innocent people on an industrial level. These are the causes of the murder of millions of people. They are largely unknown. They need to be known so similar causes can be stopped before they cause the murders of millions more.

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