He sold out the civilized world and still has until January, 2017 to finish his wretched work. Singlehandedly he forced Saudi Arabia to go nuclear, meaning to load thermonuclear weapons onto Saudi Jets and use them to defend the kingdom.

It’s about Missiles and Nuclear Bombs. In place of the word Nuclear add ICBM’s.

How did he force Saudi to go nuclear? By agreeing to do nothing to slow down Iran’s Nuclear Weapon program which means making bombs and loading them onto missiles.  Nuclear weapons need to be exploded over someone’s military or civilian targets. That takes Ballistic Missiles. Iran has them. It takes plutonium. Iran has 21,000 centrifuges to concentrate the plutonium to make tritium to make multiple warheads for the missiles.

Could Obama have stopped Iran’s bomb and missile manufacture? Sure. How? By continuing the sanctions which were working which caused Iran to negotiate. Obama decided to reward Iran just for talking to him. He removed the sanctions. that caused Iran’s economy to recover which means Iran will have more money to make bombs and missiles.

Obama hates America. He refused to wear an American flag in his lapel until he was forced to wear one of risk not being elected President. He’s a political fraud for doing that. He learned to hate America from his dysfunctional mother who got out of America as fast as she could. She taught him to hate America because his Kenyan father and Kenyan grandfather did. Now he’s making America and the rest of the West pay for the perceived mistreatment of his father.

Three generations of America haters. One dangerous man.

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