Iran is a big, big country. It’s three times bigger than Texas and a bit smaller than Alaska. It has 77 million people, three times as many as Texas.

Obama is negotiating a treaty, an agreement between America and Iran but to avoid the Constitutional prohibition that the President cannot approve a treaty, only the Senate can do that, he’s calling it a “deal”. It’s a treaty. He’s lying.

The lie is even deeper. He’s calling it “a framework” for a deal. There’s no end to Obamas’ duplicity and he’s getting away with it, just as Al Capone got away with making and selling booze when it was illegal.

America is coming out worse in the Framework/Deal. Iran keeps every one of it’s 20,000 centrifuges. All of the tariff’s have been reduced or eliminated. Obama lost this one. Iran won and America is worse off with another rogue state with nuclear bombs and ICBM’s to deliver them. At 12,000 miles an hour it takes 37 minutes for a three stage ICBM to travel from Iran to Chicago.  37 minutes for America to find it, intercept it and destroy it. One minute for Israel to do that.

Obama could not stop or did not stop Iran from keeping every one of it’s 20,000 centrifuges. Iran can build a bomb in a few months. Israel is one minute away from Tehran by ICBM.

Neither Obama’s Framework or his deal did anything except make it seem like Iran slowed down their Nuclear Bomb building. If fact, with a few thousand more centrifuges, Iran is closer to a nuclear bomb than ever. Their plan is to test it by shooting it at Israel. Some deal.  





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