But the comparison is apt. Both are black men. Both ruled their countries. South Africa is about the size of America but with far fewer people.

Nelson Mandela was a political prisoner in South Africa when black-hating Nationalist Party ran the place. Mandela invented the militant wing of the ANC which acted like America hater Bill Ayres did in America. Boom, boom, boom. Bomber Bill Ayres, you will recall helped Obama begin his political career.

South Africa was populated by two different kinds of whites; Afrikaners who were in charge and other whites who had little to do with governing. South Africa was populated by about two hundred fifty different black tribes, many of which did not speak the same languages. South Africa is about 92% black. America is about 72 % white.

Mandela was a royal in Thembu family. America has no royalty. America overthrew the British King. Mandela overthrew the ruling white Afrikaner minority. Obama’s mother got out of America and never returned. Mandela’s mother loved South Africa. Obama relates more to Kenya, his fathers homeland than to America.

Mandela received a Nobel Peace Prize. So did Obama. Mandela worked and deserved it. Obama did little but it was given to him just like the benefits of Affirmative Action, part of the reason his records are sealed.

Mandela loved the land of his birth. Obama not so much. Obama’s wife was never proud of America until her husband was running for President. She recently announced “Black Girls Rock” showing her bias. Mandela fought for freedom. It was handed to Obama. Mandela wanted freedom. Obama wants revenge.

Mandela wasn’t racist. Obama not so much. Mandela presided over South Africa’s first all-race election. Obama marched over the Selma Bridge in support of only one race. Obama has been working more at dividing America and punishing white people. Mandela not so much. Mandela worked with all races. Obama not so much unless he couldn’t help it.

Both wrote autobiographical books but Mandela’s included his 27 years in prison. Both were trained as lawyers but Mandela earned his law degree while in prison. Obama was never imprisoned.

Mandela was a popular figure. Obama a divisive one. Mandela loved South Africa. Obama doesn’t seem to love America and he seems to actually hate Israel and Europe. Mandela was eager to work with people and groups who had opposite worldviews. Obama separates people into friend/enemy groups. He rewards people from his friendly groups such as Al Sharpton and Glozell Green. Obama retaliates and punishes opposing viewpoints and people who represent them, like FOX News and the tea Parties.

Obama hates and is trying to help destroy Israel even though he was awarded a Peace Prize. Mandela had great relations with Israel and many other countries and cultures. Obama not so much.

Mandela was invited to address Congress. Obama needed no invitation. Mandela was respected, appreciated, and applauded very much by the entire American Congress. the entire Congress never applauded Obama.

Obama’s legacy is being written. Mandela is being honored.

Even if Obama starts walking on water and speaking in tongues, he will never, ever, match Mandela.

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