Obama has been the worst American because of his anti-Semitism towards Israel and his embrace of Iran. Obama cut off Israel when he in effect told them he would not have their back in a war and to go talk to Putin if you want help. Stay away from America.

Obama went even further. He published Israel’s nuclear plans. He considers Benjamin Netanyahu an opponent of Obama’s plans to help Iran go nuclear and eliminate Israel, as they repeatedly tell us they intend to do when they get a nuclear bomb. Obama’s anti-Semitism and visceral hostility towards Israel forced 47 United States Senators to tell Iran Obama cannot sign an agreement without the agreement of the Senate. That letter is in addition to a letter sent by 367 members of the United States of America’s House of Representatives direct to President Obama who don’t trust him to represent America or the Free World in this secret talks to Iran. Obama reacted by calling Netanyahu a racist bastard. (OK, he really didn’t say bastard).

Obama went even further. He announced he’s abandoning Israel at the United Nations. Netanyahu retaliated by announcing there will be no Palestinian State in Israel. What he meant was that the Palestinians have no desire for living in Israel. They want to eliminate Israel.

Israel must get the help of a major foreign leader. Since Obama has thrown Israel under the bus, he in effect told Netanyahu to go talk to Vlad Putin to get the help Israel needs and to tell Putin that Obama has re-set the cold war animosity towards Russia.

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