The Democrats are in deep water without a boat. They have no one to run for President except Hillary and most people don’t like her. From her cackling laugh to her phoniness she’s running on empty except for her gender and her husbands name. Bill told Monica he called her: “Hilla the Hun”.

She’s above the law. She kept her own computer server and in the face of several Congressional Investigations she said she wiped the server clean. Barack Obama’s Presidency is a calamity no one saw coming. Hillary’s presidency is in trouble because, first of all, she’s not likable. Second, she’s un-necessarily combative but without the instincts of a politician, — so she charges ahead when she should strategically withdraw. Her voice is grating and her laugh is worse. She’s a cackler.

Hillary is vindictive. She’s diabolical and acts like she’s above the law. She was too cut-throat and was fired from the Watergate investigation because of her lack of moral boundaries. She lacks the fundamental attribute of fairness because she’s never lived according to the rules everyone else agrees with and follows.

Hillary doesn’t follow rules, laws or anything else, except her Bill.

Hillary is one of the worst of human beings because she acts illicitly, follows thru, lies about it but never blames herself. Her contempt for other people was on display when she said of the four murdered men in Benghazi,: “What difference at this stage does it make”. Callow.

We’ve grown weary from watching the truth about Obama come out. It will be the same for Hillary except she’s not as dumb as Obama so she’s malicious. Obama wasn’t that way but Hillary is.

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