In a rather poorly thought through Guest Opinion in the Bucks County Courier, an Extremist Christian writer attempted to absolve murders by Christians. His flawed idea is: Christian wars were not as bad as non-Christian wars because they killed fewer people. That’s like debating if Jack the Ripper was worse than Ted Bundy. Being murdered in a Christian war is just as dead as being killed by the NAZI’s.

What about America’s Civil War, the bloodiest war in America’s history that was neither Religious not Atheist? What about WWII by Hitler?  The Religious Zealot failed to include Hitler who was not an atheist. Hitler portrayed himself as an observant Christian. But WWII was motivated by NAZI imperialism not religion nor the lack of it.  

One of histories bloodiest murderers, Josef Stalin was educated in the Orthodox Christian tradition. Stalin was educated at a Greek Orthodox priesthood school. When Josef was sixteen, he received a scholarship to attend the Tiflis Spiritual Seminary, the leading Russian Orthodox seminary in Tbilisi. According to Guest Opinion writer Richard Staedler Stalin murdered people because he was an atheist but Stalin was trained as a religious leader, not an atheist.

Stadelers premise is absolutely wrong. Religion has and will continue to impel some people murder and to justify their murder in the name of religion or God. See 9/11 an attack in the name of religion. Staedler himself seems to want to go to war against people who do not hold religious views.

Righteousness is a religious based attribute that all too frequently leads people astray in the name of religion. Staedler seems to be blind to the excesses of religion that has destroyed on the grandest scale imaginable. Religion is guilty of that verdict. Whether or not people or government’s want to use religion to advance their political agenda, the horrors that attend religion throughout history are real and undeniable. If Staedler and the Courier want to argue religion that’s their decision but in this time of religious based wars it’s wrong to try to absolve religion from it’s past actions. 


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