So did Attorney General Eric Holder. So did mayor DiBlasio. So did Al Sharpton who invented the brilliantly deceptive “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot” lie.

But it’s over the top for the President of America to blame the Ferguson Police for the crime in Ferguson.

NoT one cop burned down any Ferguson business. Not one. Not one cop demonstrated over the innocence of Michael Brown. But businesses were burned down in Ferguson. Robberies, beatings of white people and “Polar Bear Hunting” went on in Ferguson and St. Louis. Not one police officer did any of it.

So why did President Obama go out of his way to blame the Ferguson police for the death of Michael Brown? Why did he send in his Minister of Propaganda, Eric “Goebbels” Holder, convicted of Contempt of Congress try to convince people the Ferguson police cause crime in Ferguson? He did it to excuse black crime and black criminals.

The Obama administration’s aggressive use of disparate-impact theory in Ferguson been a disaster for safety and order. His wrongheaded crusade has meant the police cannot stop criminals in Ferguson if they are black without triggering potential legal liability, simply because more black people commit crimes.

As destructive as the application of disparate-impact theory has been, applying it broadly to law enforcement is a recipe for anarchy. There are few criminal laws that do not have a disparate impact on blacks, because the black crime rate is higher than the white crime rate not because more black people are arrested but because more black people commit crimes that lead to more black arrests. That needs to change but neither Obama not the black community want the crimes to go down. They want fewer arrests to be made. That will lead to more crime but that’s OK with Obama. This seems like the Mad Tea Party in “Alice in Wonderland” where everything is backwards.

That’s what’s wrong with Obama’s premise that the police cause crime.

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