It’s true. The sharp increase in criminals in Ferguson is because of the actions of white people. They moved out. Ferguson is about 90% black. When it was 1% black back inb the 1990’s the crime rate was very small compared to today. But the black President is blaming the police even as he forgets to mention the whites who moved out. He calls whites racists because they didn’t care about the future of Ferguson, otherwise they would have kept Ferguson white.

There is more black crime in Ferguson because there are more blacks in Ferguson and the Liberals are holding the white people responsible for moving out whhich caused more black people to move in and that increased the crime rate.

In addition to fewer white people in Ferguson, there are more black people and like night follows day, there is more black crime. Sharpton says it’s because the police are arresting blacks for crimes for which he and Obama blame the police. They ignore the black crime.

This follows the historic basis for the comment that police arrest black people because there are not enough white people left in Ferguson to arrest. In the 1990’s Ferguson had fewer criminals so the white people who left caused black crime and more arrests of black criminals. If the whites hadn’t moved away there would be fewer black people hence less black crime and fewer black arrests.

Remember in Ferguson, black crime was very low 25 years ago but today 85% of the arrests are not whites. That’s because Ferguson is a very black community.

And remember this: Racism is holding blacks responsible for their actions. The reasoning of the Al Sharpton’s and the President is black people are committing crimes because there are fewer white people to do it. It’s all so backward and silly to blame the people who left Ferguson for the higher crime rate but that’s what’s going on.

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