Life is a constant struggle against the forces of evil. Good vs. Evil is a moral battle where the best and the brightest don’t always win but the condition of America and a lot of the rest of the world has gotten so bad that the battle of good is almost lost. Satan in winning.

Barack Obama is one of the worst presidents in the opinion of the Right Wing of America and yet many people adore the man. Why? He’s “lost touch with foreign affairs. (Here). He’s opposed to free speech, freedom of expression and is a great example of the most constitution-breaking President ever by opposing a visit from Israel’s Netanyahu. What possible harm can come from Netanyahu speaking to the U.S. House of representatives yet Obama using Susan “video caused Benghazi” Rice called Netanyahu’s visit “destructive. Sec State John “throw-your-Vietnam-Medals-over-the-White-House-Fence”, aka “Traitor” Kerry, a close ally of “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, another world class anti-American and a traitor to America called Netanyahu’s judgment into question during Kerry’s usual rambling barely coherent address to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Does that make Obama, Rice and Kerry evil?

Base your answer on your assessment of the moral right of Israel to exist.

Obama was indifferent when Vlad Putin grabbed the Crimea from Ukraine and made it part of Russia. He’s indifferent towards the beheadings of Christians by the Islamic State of Syria aka. ISIS. He’s indifferent about the Fort Hood Islamic terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan, whose very name reveals his motivation. President Obama called it Workplace Violence. It was Islamic based terrorism.

President Obama has supported Putin. He downgraded and diminished America’s military and is indifferent about China’s continued military buildup. China now has more submarines than America.

Where are the forces for good in the world? Why are the Chinese, the Russians and the Terrorists winning? When did America become irrelevant? Barack Obama was elected in 2008. That’s when.

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