Cal Thomas is a religious extremist who connects his religion with everything. He believes Rights come from God. He somehow gets twisted up over Chris Cuomo’s idea: “Our laws do not come from God, ….they come from man”. Somehow Thomas jumps from Rights to Laws then claims both come from God, then mocks Cuomo.

“Tricky” then takes the disconnected logic jump and goes from Cuomo to government claiming: “on to claim: “When government believes it can create or take away rights, it becomes a G0D unto itself” He unwittingly shows how to become God. Become government; take away “Rights”; and thereby become God. Sounds like the ISIS tactic.

From where do individuals receive Rights? Liberty? Freedom’s? Thomas says God gives then to us. What about using that argument to convince an agnostic who doubts the existence of God? What about convincing someone who is certain that Thomas’s God doesn’t exist? Can’t be done. Thomas can’t convince anyone with his arguments except people who accept Thomas’s arguments.

So; is there some way to identify the origin of Individual Rights”. Sure, but one cannot start with the idea of God which will only convince some people. Better to start at the beginning; with the idea of existence itself but that presents another problem or Thomas. He believes his God created not just man but everything because everything except the Creator needs to be created.

But that argument is destroyed by logic. It’s either / or. Either everything needs a creator which means God needed a creator or …..developing

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