It began with the reports about a massive internet robbery of the banks. Billions were stolen using the Internet. Of course the Federal Government must do something to stop these kinds of hi-tech bank robberies so the Federal Government must step in. That’s the narrative. That’s the false narrative.

The robberies should have been caught by the banks so the banks have to set up firewalls to prevent more robberies. The Federal Government cannot do anything about them. Nor does it have any advice for the banks but it doesn’t matter. The Federal Government is seen by far too many people as answer to big robberies. How will the Federal Government prevent such crimes? No answer but Obama is using the bigness of the robberies to get his foot in the door of Internet Regulation.

Government works by using crises, (plural), to increase regulation. “Who said: “never let a crisis go to waste?” That’s the second rule of regulation. The first is “Create Crisis”.

Identify a crisis. Exploit it. Make more rules. That’s called increasing regulations and decreasing freedom’s. Works like magic just about every time. People are regulated and in many cases actually agree with

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