It’s bad when a big liberal loses the support of the Associated Press as Obama just did with Mort Zukerman who wrote: “Obama Has Lost His Nerve In The Race To Stop Iran.” Zuckerman attributes Obama’s support for Iran to Obama’s loss of nerve. Perhaps the opposite is also true, Obama supports and wants to defend Iran as well as the rest of the Arab world to which Obama is closer than he is to America.

Is Obama anti-American? Well, for starters, he’s not on the side of the founding fathers with their ideas about a small government. Obama considers the wealth of Americans to be his to distribute. He said: “…”when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.” to Joe the Plumber in 2008. It’s not like Obama’s Marxist based presidency is something new.

Zuckerman wrote that: “Obama seems blind to the consequences of his actions”. That’s giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, -that he cares about the consequences for America. He doesn’t. Obama’s loyalty is with the doctrines of the Arabs, not those of Jefferson. After all, Obama’s Kenyan father and grandfather saw Colonial England as the enemy. His mother and her parents saw America as the enemy. They supported the doctrines of Marx. Obama is the product of two generations of successful anti-American tutors.

“It took some time for the Western countries to realize they’d been taken for suckers.” Netanyahu realizes Obama is no friend to Israel. Iran realizes Obama is a friend of theirs so they are enriching as fast as possible to become a nuclear power with Obama’s help and support. The alternative to that judgment is Obama loves Israel which is so far from reality as to become a joke. As Winston Churchill said” “We have been defeated without a war.” Iran will continue to enrich. Not one single centrifuge is dismantled. Iran has all of it’s enriched uranium and they have a grateful Obama. What could possibly go wrong? In the alternative: “BOOM”.

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