An avuncular geezer, Mike Huckabee is not Presidential material, at least not in the political sense. A huge mistake by Fox where he brought nothing of importance to the system, Mike Huckabee has more than his name against him as a Presidential candidate. In so many good ways he’s the opposite of Barack Obama but Obama went past him in a flash as did the rest of the Republicans.
Mike has a lot of appeal to a sort of middle America but he’s unappealing to many more people.

The National Review wrote: “Huckabee had taken to Bill O’Reilly’s show to describe Beyoncé as nothing more than a “sex object” and to imply that, by permitting her to dance as she sees fit, her husband is a pimp. In his book, meanwhile, he describes Beyoncé’s music as “trash,” proposes that her “explicit moves” are “best left for the privacy of her bedroom,” and inquires derisively as to why the Obamas “let Sasha and Malia listen” to her at all.”

One must ask why Huckabee felt the need to comment on Beyoncé. The United States has a raft of problems not the least of which is that its supposedly limited government is at present threatening to devour the very liberty that it was instituted to protect.

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