Update: Nov 13, 2011

They came

in disguise

with their recorders

to Kim Rose’s Campaign Meeting

in the Bux-Mont Church’s auditorium.

Then they lied in their report to the community.

They twisted the words of the Water Authority’s 2011 budget where the Authority approved a $5.8 Million loss for 2011.

They lied about the need for a force main. Their 2011 budget lists all the projects they need to do. No Force Main.

They lied about the reason Toll does not have to pay for the force main.

They lied again about why Toll’s 40 home development  cannot get approved without the Force main and they continued to lie about Dr. Kimberly Rose; about me; about Rodger Bushnell, Marvin Gold, Tim Snee and their lies continued because they are psychologically TruthChallenged. They refuse to admit who they are. They are supportors of Dr. Kim Rose’s opponent. His Campaign Message’s are all over their HateSite.

They probably threatened Tom Zeuner to get him to sign a letter with deliberate half-truth’s. They remind me of the Flying Monkeys who did the dirty work for the bad witch in The Wizard of Oz. The monkeys names were kept secret too. 

All this can be fixed by pressing button 12B in the voting booth tomorrow. Press 12B, then vote for whomever else you want. No one else is stooping to such childish, cowardly campaigning as Dr Rose’s opponent.   

Now the good news. The Northampton Community came out and voted for Dr. Rose. Most of the votes for Dr. Rose came from Republicans. Many came from Democrats fed up with the bad Republicans who have ruled Northampton. For the first time in 300 years a Democrat adminstration will be running Northampton government. Nice going Northampton!

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