Yes he does. He said it using fewer words but he said: “Europe needs to better integrate Muslim Communities”.

Obama’s prejudices and practices have been revealed and they are not pretty. He practices “blame the victim” –unless the victim isn’t white.

Obama grew up far from Europe in a special but severely isolated part of the middle of the Pacific Ocean with absent parents who had: little knowledge of; or respect for America; it’s values; and it’s history. He attended Punahou school, a very exclusive, very, very toney select school in Honolulu where he learned to love the lei but failed to study for example, the basis of America or it’s roots in a personal liberty drawn from Europe. Obama is the opposite of the Tea Party. The “Networking Class” at Punahou is worth the price of tuition because of the Rolodex with Left-Wing Liberal Plutocrats around the world.

Judge Hawaii itself correctly. On June 27, 1959 99.6% of the Hawaiian voters voted to become an American State. That’s exactely why Obama’s parents would have opposed it. First because they detested America and second because they supported the Marxist Cultural models. They were mis-informed because they lacked the ability to know it.

The Dunning-Kruger effect explains their inability to grasp the values of America. Their son does them one better. He’s been degrading, disgracing, apologizing and bowing against America all of his life. From his “Choom Gang” at Punahou to his outright Lenin Lovers at Colombia and Harvard to Sidley Austin and Bomber Bill Ayres; to America hating Rev.’s Wright, Sharpton and Jackson; Obama’s been a force against American values and Western values all his life. That’s why he returned a bust of Winston Churchill to England when he first entered the Oval Office and why he blames Europe for Charlie Hebdo because they have insufficiently integrated the Muslims despite the Muslim preference and penchant for isolating themselves into Muslim compliant Europe hating “No-Go Zones”, 750 of which were identified 10 years ago in France, where they burn and destroy 160,000 French owned cars a year in France alone.

“Better Integrate” Mr. President? That’s like blaming the farmer after ordering your fox into the chicken coop. fox.

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