By refusing to close the borders and by keeping them open and not arresting and deporting illegal Aliens President Obama, the Democrats, the Progressives and the American Left are putting American Children in danger of getting diseases.

The Left is claiming, wrongly, that Republicans are putting children in danger by trying to repeal Obamacare but they are the ones putting children and parents in danger from suffering and dying because of infected illegal immigrants. Obama knows he’s violating the Constitution by not arresting the parents of illegal immigrant “children” like Blanca Gamez who has two political science and English degrees from the University of Las Vegas and is headed to law school even though her parents snuck into America ahead of legal immigrants.

Why do people like Blanca get to stay in America while hundreds of thousands wait in line to get legal visas? Why does Obama reward law-breakers and penalize law abiding people? Is it the eye dee ten-tee error? No, Obama’s too smart and too well-educated for that. His behavior is both purposeful and malicious. It follows his agenda to degrade America and the law abiding people who follow the rules in favor of giving free cell phones and free medical care to rule-breakers.

Obama is against America. He’s also in favor of some of the enemies of America and he’s against many of the friends of America but he’s in favor of showing favoritism to illegal immigrants. Why?

Let it be repeated. Obama is against America. That phrase explains a lot of his behavior during the last six years. He was raised with an anti-American mindset so his attitude is based on that as well as his liberal friends at Colombia, Harvard and the Sidley Austin Law firm where he palled up with Valerie Jarret and her friends like Bomber Bill Ayres. His ideas about changing America have made America worse for the law-abiding, especially law-abiding American businesses.

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