He’s the worst thing to be President ever. His overspending is legendary. Now he wants $4 Trillion and tax increases on the rich.

The Federal Government was never given the power to spend money on anything except what is in the Constitution. There are three areas of human behavior for which people need a government. Very simple. Police: Courts and Military. Anything else may sound nice of feel good but those three areas are the only justification for the power to tax people. The Constitution gave government the power to build “post roads”, that is the roads needed to deliver mail. That was a mistake. Building roads is not part of the police power and the police power is the only power proper that was given to government to use to compel behavior.

One may decide that roads are necessary, even vital to the lives of some people but the answer must depend on the proper role of government. If the culture needs roads the culture, not the government can build them. The role of government is to make sure no crimes are committed building the roads.

So Obama lacks the constitutional authority to spend $4 Trillion. There’s too much Obama wants to do but he should not be supported in his spending just because he want’s something done. Unfortunately, Obama, being a socialist in his belief’s will not follow the constitution. Nor will the politicians, all of whom get some kind of benefit from spending try to stop him.

What a disaster!

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