The outrage at the White House over John Boehner’s invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu to Address a Joint Session of Congress is exceeded by Columnist Eugene Robinson’s fury about it. He believes Obama should have been asked to approve the invitation before it was issued. That’s utter nonsense. The President has no authority over Congress regardless of Robinson’s pique. It’s called the Separation of Power. It’s the way America has always been governed. Obama should have been friendlier to Israel and the Jews which would have taken the sting out of Boehner’s invite.
Obama detests Israel and has made his hatred clear on numerous occasions. If Robinson had any International chops he would know that Iran’s nuclear bomb program will be fatal to Israel. But Robinson is a very typical anti-Semite. His writings make it clear he accepts a Nuclear Iran and justifies his anti-Semitism by writing Iran has a right to nuclear weapons. Yes he does.

Robinson is afraid to hold Iran accountable and asks “do we want war with Iran”? Flash to Eugene. Iran is already at war with Israel and America and calls Israel “a one-bomb country” meaning one nuclear bomb will wipe out the largest concentration of Jews. Iran is gleeful about the large number of Jews in Israel saying: “that will save us the time to hunt them down all around the world.”

That’s why America issued sanctions against Iran; froze their assets and as long ago as 1999 recognized Iran as a Terrorist State. Eugene and Obama want to talk with them. Maybe walk with them and they will change their mind and welcome Israel like a Kumbaya fantasy. What is wrong with these people? Didn’t Robinson or Obama ever study the Holocaust?

Eugene is fresh from the last centuries Civil Rights victories that he benefitted from but didn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. It’s enough for him that his Onan is mad at Israel so Robinson jumps on the hate Israel bus.

Israel is fighting against death. Robinson is fighting for nothing at all except maybe a paycheck and when to watch “Selma”. The idea that some kind of negotiations will be upset by Netanyahu’s speech shows ignorance about Iran. He can keep up his hatreds but it would be better if he would read a bit more about the civil rights era. For about a hundred years talk didn’t help. It took leaders with courage and with the ability to do something. Benjamin Netanyahu is a man of action. So is John Boehner who took a page from Obama’s community organizing handbook and organized a visit to Congress of a hero.

What would Robinson write if instead of Netanyahu Boehner invited a hater of America? One needn’t wonder.

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