Just kidding. Not happening.

None of the three want to blame the perps. None want to admit or eliminate the cause of Michael Brown’s death, crime. Just like the Trayvon Martin killing, the consequence of Trayvon beating George Zimerman while Trayvon was sitting on his chest, the Michael Brown killing should have been a reason to support the police in Ferguson who have been protecting the people of Ferguson. Normal people blame criminals for the crimes. Why has that changed? Because the criminals have been supported. That support worked to increase the frequency and intensity of crime. No matter how hard the police work to slow down and stop crime, as long as there’s easy money in it the criminals will keep showing up.

#All_LivesMatter isn’t happening either. #BlackLivesMatter was started by a Soros funded conglomeration of organizations to get money for people with guess what kind of skin color as a way to increase the division and dissention among the races. How involved is Soros in fomenting division and dissention in America? How about $33 million a year as reported by the Washington Times.

How many organizations are supporting the criminals, not the cops? Soros has sent money to scores of people running scores of community organizing groups just like he funded Barack Obama’s employer in Chicago to agitate to get money from the neighbors, as long as the neighbors were the people against whom Obama and Soros worked.

How about some names? OK. Open Society Foundation. That’s Soros’ company “..aimed to shape public policy.” What? A company aimed at doing what the entire political system in the United States does as a matter of routine? Yes, in a subversive manner. Soros hates America and he is betting billions he can make some money changing it and he’s been using black lives to do it.

Of course black lives matter, ….. not so much in corrupt places like most of Africa but in America because all lives matter because that’s how America has been working. Officer Daren Wilson’s life matters but it’s been destroyed by: Obama; Holder; Sharpton and Soros and their wrong agenda’s which are wrong because they support criminals over police. The President convinced himself that he’s the victim of racism because of the color of his skin so he’s fighting against the police.

Flash to Obama: your skin color made you an enormous success. There’s no conceivable way for you to prove otherwise. If you were not black you would not have been picked by domestic Terrorist and bomber Bill Ayres to run for the Senate. Soros would not spent millions and backed you for President. Same for Big-Mouth Sharpton who has visited the White House more than men visit Hooters.

What’s the common denominator in the movement to misdirect attention from crime and criminals to the cops? Easy, unearned money. Dirty money. Clean money is money from making and selling legal goods. Dirty money is made by community takers and drug sellers, to name two sources. Dirty money is money spent by Open Society Foundation to undermine the American system. Three key players are Sharpton, Obama and Soros.

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