Instead of responding she went into the stratosphere somewhere and talked about what she wanted to talk about. Instead of going after the anointed one’s nonsense and outright lies like she was expected to and was supposed to do, she went all crafty political and talked about her ideas, none of which are really that important compared to the opportunity she had to exposé Obama’s duplicity.

Even worse, she could have shown his foot-stomp anger at Republicans winning the Senate because of his wrong ideas. Instead she talked about how the Republicans want to honor the veterans. Good, but irrelevant.

She could have explained why the Republicans are going along with Obama on Obamacare. She didn’t.

She could have compared Obama’s Big Government Vision with the Constitution which it violates but she didn’t. She could have compared what the Republicans want that’s different than what Obama offered but she didn’t. Jodi Ernst showed what’s wrong with Washington. They don’t listen and they solve problems that they create. She’s closer to Obama than she knows. So are most of the rest of the Congress.

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