The West isn’t in decline, -it’s being pushed sideways by Karl Marx.

Karl died, thankfully, 131 years ago but his wrong ideas about classes of people still resonate all around the world. The Terrorists are essentially Socialists. Socialism is Marxism spelled different. Terrorists want their class to rule the other classes. They travel some convoluted intellectual paths to get to the conclusion they should be in charge and that murder is a good way to get there but like Karl, they got it wrong although in a slightly different way. Marx was all about the power of money. The Terrorists are only about the power and that’s the way they will be defeated. By more power.

Because of the strange anti-human values of The Left; the Michael Moore / Elizabeth Warren / Castro types the direction of the world has been blown off course. Humans are not like ants, wolves or zebra’s that travel in packs. Unlike wolves, people are each different from fingertips to Recombinant DNA sequences. Their most different and distinguishing characteristic is their mind which needs freedom to operate. The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack, as Kipling following Marx so brilliantly put it. Was Kipling a communist? Not by his political party but yes, at bottom he was more of a pack animal because of his being part of the British Empire.

People; the human race only has three enemies. Lies, Self-sacrifice and Tribalism. The three reinforce each other and everybody loses.

Marx is the major, over-arching political influence in the world. Even the Pope fits the mold. Pope Francis issued his first “apostolic exhortation,” declaring a new enemy for the Catholic Church: modern capitalism. (Here).

The Catholic Church changed from being Anti-Communist to Anti-Capitalist. Why?

Start with the Catholic Bible; Matthew 21:12, the casting out of the money changers because of profit. Jesus started out OK. Three kings brought him some expensive gifts. Gifts are OK but none brought him gold. Gold is heavily used by clergy in altar vestments but it’s condemned. Gold represents money and money means profit and profit is exploitation according to Marx and the Christian bible.

Tribalism aka Marxism; Self-Sacrifice aka Altruism and Superstition cannot lead to a better future as knowledge is driven off the stage in favor of nonsense. Civilization uses light. Civilization needs light but civilized people don’t join gangs, belittle themselves or believe in boutique ideas about the supernatural. There go the lights unless somehow the people get it right. At the moment, it’s not looking good.

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