It’s no secret that Obama hates Israel because he supports the other side. Who or what is the other side? The Terrorists.
Obama doesn’t support the Terrorists because of their religion but because they hate Israel too. They want Israel destroyed along with the rest of the Jews, the Europeans and the Americans. Obama agrees with the idea that those groups and categories are enemies to him.
Congress went ahead and asked Netanyahu to address them on the problems in the Middle East, problems common to both Israel and America with the Israeli’s being much more vulnerable. They are closer, smaller and rockets get shot into their country by terrorists. America shares the problem of being in the crosshairs of the terrorists too. the reports from the White House is that the President doesn’t like the taste of his own medicine. Congress is ignoring him just as he ignores the Constitution.

Obama has been ruling against the Constitution for six years. One on his latest illegal actions has been to direct officials at the Justice Department, FDIC and CFPB collaborate in an effort to put law-abiding American companies out of business.

They do so by pressuring banks and payment processors to deny service to entire categories of perfectly legal businesses–effectively crippling those industries’ ability to function. A 2011 document from the FDIC names 30 industries of focus, including “ammunition sales,” “firearms sales,” “pay day loans,” “coin dealers,” “online gambling,” “tobacco sales,” “racist materials,” “pornography,” and “telemarketing,” among others. Banks have been telling legal businesses in these industries that they can no longer serve them because federal regulators have threatened to hold banks liable for the businesses’ activities.

Obama is more dangerous to America than the terrorists because he affects millions of Americans with his destruction of American businesses. Business is the central nervous system of America. Without business government can rule the people who would be forced to depend on the government for the things needed to survive. That’s how totalitarianism works. That’s how Obama works and that’s where he’s taking America.
So Netanyahu is right to try to get his story told to an objective audience. President Obama is not included in that group. He’s worse than an anti-Semite, he’s anti-American.

Netanyahu has become a symbol of freedom and a guiding light that has been not only ignored by Obama, he’s been punished. Obaam’s lack of courtesy, lack of common human decency with the petulance of a spoiled brat made Netanyahu leave the White House by the back door, a slap in the face to Jews.

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