Did you hear about GloZell, a black woman who is so into the color green she wears bright green lipstick and calls the police Po-Po. She and Obama agree young black males get into lots of trouble with the police.

Why? They don’t say. Oh, they “know” some police have an anti-black bias. They won’t admit lots of young black males are arrested by the police for committing lots of crimes, but that’s the truth. Both GloZell and Obama believe it’s because the police are biased against young black males. Obama goes further and says the police need “more training” which means training in favor of young black males.

Why not train young black males to support the police ? Why not train young black males to be less biased against the police? Why not train young black males to support America; learn history instead of being tricked into accepting the wrong idea that all non-black people are against black people? Why not heal the race divide instead of making it worse.

GloZell is important because she has a megaphone that’s different. She got famous on her own. She got to interview the President. That’s awesome. A major achievement and because of her interview she’s going to make a lot of money. Those are all positive but she’s been used by a master politician in a really tawdry way. She’s now a symbol of police oppression, oppression that if it is actually measured it would be way different than GloZell knows.

The problem with Obama is not that he’s ignorant; it’s just that he knows so much that isn’t so. How do you prove that? Get the numbers. Get the number of young black males who commit crimes and the number of young non-black males who don’t commit crimes and compare the numbers. Get more numbers about the crime rates for other races. Compare them. Compare the numbers and decide. Don’t just listen to one side or the other. Listen to everyone. Then decide and find that GloZell is wrong; Obama is wrong and the solutions to crime is to make it less attractive to the largest group of criminals.

Crime has many causes. One is that some people who lack money get desperate. they need money and they need ways to get it. Some believe education is the key but the black community is against government education because they believe it’s white-race biased so they drop out of school. Learning is uncool in the black community. GloZell knows that. So does Obama.

Mr. “Cool Head; Main Thing”* could have made the argument to the young black male community and to the black community overall that getting educated is more important than going along with the wrong idea that education is not cool.

* One of the slogans of young Barack Obama’s “Choom Gang”. He’s perfected it as a life goal and practices it all the time.

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