Obamas quip to the Republicans who a moment ago he was telling he’s not partisan and he wants to work with them destroyed his false front of bi-partisanship. Obama is an angry, mean spirited man who did more than cause some Democrats to lose their election. He’s responsible for the Democrats losing the Senate and his stupid conceit was on display during his State of the Union speech when he made the remark: “I have no more elections to run”. Some people politely chuckled. The President descended from his high position and said: I know because I won both of them”.

The Chucklers knew that. They also knew and everyone else knew Obama is the reason the Democrats lost the Senate.

Barack Obama has no more campaigns to run because of the Constitution. He is forbidden from running again because there is a two term limit by law. He missed that. He could have said: If I did have another campaign to run I’d win that one too but I follow the law of the land. Despite your chuckles I still have no more campaigns to run. He would have been right instead of wrong.

If Obama was a different kind of man he could have been magnanimous in victory and gotten together with his political opponents. Even professional boxers who are considered to be some of the most violent fighters on earth, shake hands after the fight. Hockey players; football players and even kids in kindergarten know how to shake hands after a battle. It’s a matter of honor. A way of showing people who do battle know how to win and how to lose.

But Obama isn’t a professional. He showed us he didn’t learn the lessons most people learn in kindergarten.

He’s still angry at something, perhaps at many things but he’s a visibly angry man and it showed during his sixth State of the Union speech when he went off script and showed us his true character.

As Winston Churchill said: “if you’re going thru hell, keep going”. Obama hates Churchill. Obama returned the gift of a statue of Churchill to Great Britain because to that hate, a hate he learned from his father and grandfather and about which he wrote in his book: “Dreams From My Father.” His father should have taught him better.

He should not have continued to rub his election victory in the face of his enemies. He could have been what Churchill and a great many other’s were: “Magnanimous in Victory”.

So in the end, Obama won his two elections but lost his chance to win some friends. Instead of continuing to be a small man he could have been a good example to all people but that wouldn’t be Obama. That’s what he lost during his angry and wrong response to some hecklers who now know that they were right to have chuckled. After all, his side was jumping out of their seats and cheering. He let them down.

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